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Science and Spirit

Quantum physics proves energy flows in waves throwing hundreds of years of ‘known’ theory about energy into disarray. However, think about water; it isn’t just one thing, it is entirely dependent upon its current environment. Normally it is fluid (waves) at room temperature, if it is frozen it becomes solid ice and if it is heated it becomes steam both of the latter being molecules. All move in a different way but are nonetheless all relevant, all real and all still components of water. So it is with communication; verbal, visual, with sound, soundless, an intent, a feeling. How often have you been able to tell someone how you feel or what you want with just a look, a simple body movement or even just a thought which provokes a reaction.  

Wifi is energy. You can’t see it, it is simply in the air, there is no actual wire but even so your phone/ipad/laptop etc can still pick up a signal, there is no physical visual proof only the end product. Communicating is just the same, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there, the proof is in the results. Science has proven to us that all speech and movement/action is always pre-empted with a thought ‘before’ the action takes place. It takes a fraction of a second for that to happen. Children see in pictures first then translate those pictures into words, especially acute in autistic children and so it is with animals. This is how we can lead ourselves into a conversation with an animal of any kind if they are willing to connect.

All communication is energetic. Energy combines life in so many ways and flows in waves and in pulses of molecules. It is a marriage of proven science and spiritual energy. It’s like riding a bike, we are all born with it but it is bashed out of us generally as children simply because as adults we have forgotten that we can do it. As with any business or sport, the more you do it the better you get. You cannot become an Olympian without practicing daily but you can be part of a local team if you wish. You can choose to employ a professional communicator, like me, who does this for a living or learn it for yourself for basic home use.

Hence why telling an animal or child ‘not’ to do something usually results in them doing exactly that because the word ‘not’ has no picture to explain it. They see the picture you put forward and then there is no way to ‘not’ do it, as that word is already forgotten! I would simplify this and show/tell them a suggestion of what I ‘want’ them to do instead coupled with a feeling of pride, happiness and love that this would be great and a much safer, better solution for them and their human family.

... and you have to lift yourself up to their superior level or environment!

How often have you known who was on the other end of a ringing telephone before you answered? Thought of someone you haven’t seen in ages only for them to appear in your life shortly after? This is the same connection that we use to communicate with animals. The most powerful feeling of all being love without fear. Would you be more comfortable being with someone angry or someone loving with no judgement. It is vital to come into every conversation with no judgement and no expectations, only what is present. Animals live in the present.

It has recently become apparent that animals are also able to engage in interspecies communication. This is blowing the minds of communicators but we are seeing it more and more daily. They are more than happy to open up to us, more often than not though, we hear them and do not act on that information with an exchange so they give up !

That’s where I come in ... click here for further info

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