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Here's what some of my clients have said ...

Alecia B. (San Carlos, CA, USA)

"Jacqueline is one of the most naturally intuitive and perceptive people I have ever met. She has a gentle spirit and an easy going manner about her. It was a pleasure to spend time with her and I very highly recommend her."

Rachael T., Pomona, CA, USA

"Our dog Tommy, has suffered from extreme anxiety for years and Jacqueline not only was able to pinpoint key elements of his anxiety, but offer practical and simple steps for lessening his fears. I am so happy to say that his anxiety has decreased immensely since her time with him and the practical skills she taught me have been so helpful in dealing with his own unique personality.


Our dog Blue would bark at me every time I went into the back yard and it was causing me frustration. Jacqueline spent time with Blue to really find out what the root of some of that behavior was and it was amazing that the next day when I went out in the yard he didn't bark at me once! 


Jacqueline was able to pinpoint some health issues with our cat, Bilbo and some dominance issues that he experienced in the past. I am so thankful for her input and it helped us be more aware of an issue that could have become major were we not aware of it.


I would recommend Jacqueline's services for anyone who has a pet. Her immediate comfort with the animals and their willingness to sit with her and "be read" is a testament to her skill and sensitivity to their needs. As a pet owner, I valued her insight and the time she took to help me gain practical skills for dealing with specific issues related to each of our pets."

T.E. (Mayfield, UK)

"My cats, Boris & Claude, were much calmer travelling to the vet after having a chat with Jacqueline. The positive influence of Jacqueline’s presence made the trip much less traumatic for us all.

I have never seen Boris take a worm pill out of the vet’s hand and just eat it like it was a nice piece of cheese!  He remained calm throughout the whole visit and neither cat had a mega wee in the car on the way home - for the first time ever!"


Miss M, Heathfield

"When JJ came home injured the vets were convinced he had been hit by a car, we thought differently. Jacqueline confirmed he had fallen and described our front drive perfectly even some of the ground underneath our car. This helped us hugely in his recovery knowing where the impact on his body had been strongest. Jacqueline also described a new cat in the area that had been getting into fights with all of our cats. She has been so accurate right from the beginning of her training as she has a natural gift that she has studied hard to master."

"When my boss’ dog, Choobah, fell gravely ill, Jacqueline was such a huge comfort while she was in a vetinary hospital in London. Jacqueline gave us updates on her improvement as well as sending her our love. She even told us of a horse called Eddie that she missed, a horse we didn’t even know the name of at the time!"


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