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About Me

Jacqueline’s deep-seated love of animals began at an early age with ducklings and frogs, before graduating with bush babies, possums, goats and iguanas. Horses have always held a special place for her and today her menagerie includes collies, chickens and fish.


Born in HongKong, educated in England and attending university in California, Jacqueline’s academic experience has a somewhat international flavour.


Jacqueline is qualified in several disciplines of complementary medicine spanning nearly 20 years, including Systematic Kinesiology, The Journey & Junior Journey, Magnified Healing, Counselling, Bars & Access Consciousness, Bio-Sync Detox, Animal & Flower Essences and Metabolism Analysis. Her human clients have ranged in age from newborns to octagenarians.


Animal Communication was a natural development of Jacqueline’s skills and she has studied with world-renowned experts Wynter Worsthorne, Amelia Kinkade and Val Heart, achieved accreditation with Leanna Milward at 'Flying with Horses' and trained under James French. She has had immense pleasure working with animals that have been wild, domestic, four legged, two legged, finned, furred, feathered and scaly as you will see in the photo gallery.

Graduation day, Language of Miracles Institute (LOMI), with Amelia Kinkade

Important:  I have tried to represent my services and their potential accurately. The testimonials quoted are typical examples only and should not be taken to guarantee that every client will have the same success; each individual result is dependent upon numerous factors such as past history and motivation.

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